Rabu, 18 Jun 2014

I have finished my 2nd MUET speaking test..What a relief!

Good Morning everyone,

First of all, Syukur Alhamdulillah, I have finished my 2nd MUET speaking test . What a relief!

Talking about love ..hihi

Talking about MUET,  starting from 16 th until 18 th of June 2014,  I feel so nervous and my mind is blurr blurr .  This is me.  And definitely, this is me.  I just hate such nervous test,  but my first thought was I would end up with regrets and never have the courage to speak again.  I just realized that all I need to do is to pretend that I have the confidence and face it.

No doubt that I was too concern and nervous on the night before that I can’t sleep and I ended up slept as late as 3 A.M.  I woke up 6.30 A.M in the morning,  I prayed for myself, my group, and also my best friends that God grant me the courage to do my best either in lisan, idea, or opportunity.  Not daring enough to wear what colour of Baju Kurung, I put on my purple one.  Reaching in a quarantine room, my hands are freezing like I have been put in a fridge, seriously!  Do you feel my nervousness now??

What was I thinking?  My eyes travelled across the quarantine door if I wish to see him . Okay, no time for a daydreaming!  My group started at first who were including of my classmates Wanie Chew, Dilla, Adik, and me, as candidate A.  At bottom of my heart, I think my point is quite easy, because I am the first candidate .  This is the rule of war!  and thank God, my point is “ Preparing Final Exams” on the question “What are the most challenges in life”.

Yes, my point that I have got is quite easy, but I still feel so nervous, blurr, and I do not know why my words becomes so clumsy, difficult, strange.  Super duper extreme!  God, please help me in all way.  Okay, R.E.L.A.X chill, relax, C.H.I.L.L .  It is gonna be okay..  Everything is gonna be okay .

Yeah, I still want to target band 6 .  It is not because of my confident level during speaking test, but because of rules of make believe. Hoho .  If there is a will, then there will be a way...  Allah is giving, yet Allah decision can be postponed, , inspite of me asking for it.

I want to improve the English Language by myself, then yes, of course it is broken but at least I am trying.. Sehingga ketemu lagi, wasssalam ... 

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