Saturday, 7 March 2015

Ananasgoodmood tiny giveaway :p

  1. Follow this blog bagi sesiapa yang tak follow lagi :)
  2. Post satu entry entitled "Ananasgoodmood tiny giveaway :p"
  3. Stick kan my kinda big "stamp" kat entry blog korang tu and backlink ke sini.
  4. Letak link entry tersebut dekat box comment nun di bawah sana... and.... done!
  5. Setelah cukup syarat, winners gonna be picked randomly ok.
  • The 2 lucky winners gonna get RM 5 topup for each person. 
  • 1 very the lucky winner gonna get a mistery gift :D 
  •   Deadline gonna be on 17th of March


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